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  Time Saving Products - Podiatry Templates: What Doctors are Saying


What Doctors are saying about Podiatry Templates™:

"Wow! What a time saver! PodiatryTemplates™ has greater usability making Medinotes even better. It reduces excessive clicking and eliminates my searching for documentation items in endless windows or pop ups. I find that it aids in my billing as well. The coding is very thorough and I no longer have to link modifiers.

What's more, the customer service is great. Every podiatrist should have PodiatryTemplates™."
Dr Jones. DPM. Utah.

"I survived my first audit after using the PodiatryTemplates™ with flying colors. What a lifesaver!"
TPBS Client. Central Pennsylvania.

"It’s like Medinotes on steroids.”
MediNotes User

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