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PODIATRY TEMPLATES™ are templated by a Podiatrist and optimized for billing by The Podiatric Billing Specialists™.

Saving you Time...
Designed to eliminate note writing and covering ALL aspects of Foot & Ankle Surgery with over 275 conditions cross referenced and coded to the highest level. You can rely on complete, compliant patient documentation for insurance industry requirements.

Making you Money...
Utilizing the billing experience of The Podiatric Billing Specialists, Podiatry Templates automatically links codes and modifiers, ensuring your superbill is optimized to collect ALL the revenues you've earned.

Medicare Incentives...
Government incentives make it even smarter to move to PODIATRY TEMPLATES™. Find out more...

This is the most revolutionary product for the Podiatric Practice today, paying for itself with time savings and billings in less than a month. [*based on the average earnings of podiatrists in 2006.]

• 275 chief complaints templated
• coded to the highest level
• nearly eliminates the need to type
• insurance industry standard notes
• one-click insurance reporting

• automatically linking codes, one click adds modifiers
(No other EMR System eliminates linking codes and adding modifiers.)

See the PodiatryTemplates Demo.
See what Doctors say about PodiatryTemplates™.

Sales, Support and Training
We not only offer sales, but complete training and support to have you up and running in a week*.

*Ankle and Foot Practices can be utilizing our templates instantly, depending on the amount of EHR integration existing in the office. If your business needs to introduce computers and EHR software, we can advise and fully support you from the standpoint of your profession, not just computer sales.

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Key features include:
One Click Functionality
Templated for Podiatrists
Optimized for Billing
Top Training & Support
Time Saving




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